Corporate Image

Every company has a corporate personality, comparable to the personality of an individual. The way a company is perceived or seen by others is known as its Image (Corporate Image). The Corporate Image represents the «face» of the company as it is seen from people on the outside (customers, general public) and on the inside (employees).

Targeted behaviour, targeted communication and a targeted design are all aimed at manoeuvring the Corporate Image in a specific direction. Together, these three spheres of action represent the Corporate Identity.

The following categories are components of the Corporate Identity guideline and relate to the desired image of Hawa AG. Their content is binding.



The company's Corporate Identity is derived from the Hawa Vision, the Hawa Mission Statement and the brand promise. The ensuing values of 


- Quality
- Competence
- Active in the market
- Swissness
- Professionalism
- Reliability
- Innovation
- Commitment


are practised by Hawa's employees around the world in every situation and in every task and measure they undertake. They guide our every action and decision on a daily basis.

The more comprehensive and uniform a company's corporate identity is, the greater and clearer it is perceived by the environment. It is also a powerful characteristic to set a company apart from the competition in the marketplace. A memorable corporate design, for instance, is an important factor when it comes to remaining visible and establishing clear boundaries to providers of similar products in an ever-growing stream of information.

Hawa has an «ace in the hole» in the form of its conspicuous logo with which to position the company in the global marketplace. It is important to ensure the defined Hawa appearance is implemented consistently and persistently in all areas of market cultivation in accordance with the binding regulations of the guideline in hand. Hawa's overall visual impact and the Hawa advertising style together create the Hawa market appearance and support the creation of the Hawa Image. In turn, the Hawa Image forms the basis for successful sales.


MK/September 2010